Insulated Organizer System Packing Recommendations

Each component of the Insulated Organizer System is designed for you to customize as you choose, to best fit your business needs. See the recommendations below for ideas.

Lipstick Case (top)

Lipstick Case (Top)

  • Removable Lipstick Tray (included) — Holds 90 Lipsticks and Glosses including NouriShine Plus®Lip Gloss, Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick, True Dimensions® Lipstick and Crème Lipstick. The open area adjacent to the lipstick grid stores mini-compacts, mineral powder foundations, TimeWise® liquid foundations and fragrances.
  • Velcro Pouches (4 included) — Hold 9 Lip Glosses each.
Color Case (middle)

Color Case (Middle)

  • Exterior Zippered Pockets — Holds your Mascaras and/or Compact Pros.
  • Pencil Tray (included) — Stores 72 Mary Kay® Lip Liners, Eyeliners or Brow Pencils.
  • Color Tray (2 included) — Suggested packing options:

    Packing Option 1 — The All Color Combo

    • 94 Eye Colors
    • 50 Cheek Colors
    • 24 Bronzers
    • 20 Highlighters

    Packing Option 2 — Carryall Combo

    • 80 Eye Colors
    • 12 Highlighters
    • 30 Cheek Colors
    • 22 Bronzing Powders
    • 22 Pressed Powders
    • 22 Crème-to-Powder Foundations
Base Case (Wheeled Case with Kickstand)

Base Case (Wheeled Case with Kickstand)

  • Covered Drawers (3 included) — Each drawer holds 24 Matte, Luminous or Medium Coverage Foundations or any other products you choose, e.g. fragrances, lotions, body care products.
  • Velcro Pouches (4 included) — Stores Facial Highlighting Pens, Satin Lips, Age Fighting Eye Creams, Concealers, Beauty Blotter Tissues, etc.
  • Bottom portion of case can accommodate — 2 filled Travel Roll Up Bags or 3 Show-n-Go cases. You can also use the bottom and top spaces to store Miracle Sets, Satin Hands Sets, and many other products such as fragrances, lotions, body care products.
  • Exterior front expandable pocket is the perfect place to store your paperwork.

Product and Show-n-Gos not included.