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MK Checks®

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1 box 125 Checks $16.00 2 boxes 250 Checks $29.50 3 boxes 375 Checks $45.50 4 boxes 500 Checks $59.00

Description and features

Start a conversation about your Mary Kay business each time you write a check. These four designs feature best-selling Mary Kay® products like TimeWise® skin care to give you lots to talk about. With just a glimpse of these great products, you'll catch a new customer's interest right away. And don't forget that many potential customers handle your check from the checkout counter to the bank – that means great opportunities to spark interest in your business along the way!

Our Eco-Friendly checks are printed on 30% post consumer recycled materials using soy-based ink.

Singles: 150 checks per box, 30 checks per pad.
2 Part Duplicates: 125 checks per box, 25 checks per pad.
Each check pad comes with 10 deposit slips.